Suunto søker deltakere til et event. Les under, og følg linken om du har lyst på en reise 🙂

Fra Suunto:
We are looking for a bunch of inspiring recreational divers to join in a photo/video shoot and create stories with us in a tropical location at the end of June 2018.

Please share the information in your network & share in your Social Media!

They could be the chosen ones, if they…
• Enjoy exploring, are open-minded and lead an adventurous lifestyle with a positive attitude
• Are comfortable being and speaking in front of a camera, and are fluent in English
• Are an experienced scuba diver and/or a freediver with at least an Advanced Open Water Diver certificate or Advanced Freediver (Level 2), bonus is if they’re a dive master or instructor
• Have a minimum of 50 dives (scuba) and good diving skills and buoyancy control
• Have been diving in the past 2 years
• Have an interest towards marine conservation and wildlife
• Are able to travel between 23th of June - 8th of July
• Speak English fluently

What they get….
• Flights and accommodation in a beautiful tropical location
• An unforgettable experience with new friends from around the world
• To admire the marine wildlife and do something good for the environment
• A brand new Suunto dive computer

Please have a look at www.suunto.com/suuntodiveshoot for more info about the rules & how & when to apply!

We have recently posted about this on Suunto Diving Facebook and Suunto Dive Instagram. Please like & share & help us find the best persons for the photo shoot!

Thank you for spreading the word!

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Flott 17 Mai hilsen fra NYD 🇳🇴

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The diver is quite small on a big commercial dive school.

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